Geometry Dash's New Music Policy

2017-02-26 00:17:35 by JAXXN

So as some of you guys may know, the game Geometry Dash has a new policy regarding Newgrounds music. It states that new artist submissions will not be allowed for use unless approved directly by RobTop (The developer), however artists that have had submissions used in levels before and have not been disabled for use in-game are allowed automatically. I thought that since I've been uploading since 2015 and the policy started in 2017 that my music was good for Geometry Dash. I was wrong.

I guess for it to count the artist's song has to have been used in a FEATURED level, which none of my songs have been. So I guess now my only option is to get RobTop to manually approve me, which could be a daunting task, since I'm just a small musician and he is a big developer who probably gets thousands of emails a day. In any case, I will be trying to get RobTop to approve my music for you guys!