Entry #2

Music Inspired by Art Contest

2017-03-08 18:00:45 by JAXXN

As some may know, the Music-Inspired-by-Art contest on Newgrounds is set to begin on March 19th, 11 days from now. Rules are pretty clear, make a track inspired by a work of art here on Newgrounds. I just wanted to let people know that I will be entering for the first time on March 19th! Wish me luck guys!


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2017-03-09 02:57:58

@RealFaction AIM is starting that soon???


2017-03-09 07:08:27

When is the deadline? I just checking just to be sure.


2017-03-09 09:07:36

good luck! And yes @Troisnyx it's on the front page calendar, March 19th is when it starts; Not this sunday but the next sunday. @JordanKyser deadline is May 7th and is also on a Sunday.